Hi, I'm Kayli Anderson

Plant-based Dietitian, Natural Foods Chef, & Women’s Health Maven

I believe that health is way more than nutrients, willpower, and long lists of do’s and don’ts. Our health is deeply connected to our thoughts, beliefs, history, preferences, and the cultures that influence us. It’s time to bring your whole self to the table, and I’m here to help. Caring for your health is a powerful opportunity to reconnect with your mind, body, and spirits - and this is especially true for women.

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I'm trained in natural foods cooking & taught cooking classes in culinary schools and cooked for private clients.

personal chef

I wrote the Plant-based Nutrition Quickstart Guide and co-authored three textbook chapters, including the first lifestyle medicine textbook on women's health. I also write for Today's Dietitian Magazine.


I regularly speak at conferences including the Lifestyle Medicine Conference, Plant-based Prevention of Disease, and Today's Dietitian on women's health, food-as-medicine, and lifestyle medicine.


I am a sought-after expert in lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition, having developed and taught many of the cornerstone resources on the topic. I've dedicated the last decade to learning and practicing the subject and consult for leading organizations in the industry. I was recently awarded Fellowship of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, the highest honor in the college.

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I serve as lead faculty for ACLM's Food as Medicine course of which 32,000+ healthcare professionals have enrolled in. 

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writing is my #4 passion...

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I serve as medical reviewer for the popular consumer health site Everyday Health.

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I'm certified in women's functional & integrative medicine and studied under Dr. Aviva Romm. I'm also professionally trained in hormone health nutrition, herbalism, and Intuitive Eating. I'm Co-chair of ACLM's Women's Health Member Interest Group and founder of the women's health website Plant-based Mavens.

health maven

My hubby is my #1 adventure buddy. We met at Whole Foods Market (where I get all the good stuff!) and have been adventuring ever since. We eloped on a backpacking trip in Telluride, CO and lived in our airstream for a year while we traveled the country. 


For 5 years, I served as Dir. of Healthcare for a plant-based meal planning startup where I worked with brands like Rich Roll, Blue Zones, Plantstrong, and 22 Days Nutrition.

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My son, Bodhi, is the light of my life (and my newest adventure buddy). We live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains where you'll find us skiing, hiking, running, and exploring.

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women's health is #2...

and these two
are #1!

- Susan Benigas, Executive Director
American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Kayli is a driving force in the Food As Medicine field! 

-Ashley, registered dietitian

Kayli communicates health info in a way that’s clear, engaging, and positive. I always find many takeaways for myself, as well as those I can easily pass along to clients. Thank you for such wonderful content!

- Jess, brand community manager

Our audience was more engaged than in any other presentation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! AMAZING!

- Giada, webinar attendee 

How lucky are we to learn from a rising star like Kayli Anderson. She covers all aspects of the pillars of good health. She is a dynamo! 


I’ve been studying and teaching about nutrition, cooking, and lifestyle medicine (think sleep, stress, relationships, and exercise) for well over a decade. The popular notion that food and health are all about calories, macros, and how much you weigh never sat well with me (and never worked for the women in my practice). After years of feeling like I was teaching everything I learned in school yet my clients weren’t getting happier or healthier, I had an epiphany. Food is about so much more than physical health. It’s deeply intertwined with your history, traumas, joys, relationships, culture, pleasure, and mental and emotional wellbeing.

After this realization, I set out to expand my knowledge with advanced training in natural foods cooking because learning to prepare food that’s simple and pleasurable is one of the most empowering things you can do. I also earned certifications in Lifestyle Medicine, Intuitive Eating, and Exercise Physiology so that I can support women in a way that acknowledges all aspects of their well-being. 

During my time as a dietitian, I’ve worked with many of the leading organizations and brands in plant-based nutrition to bring educational and inspiring courses, webinars, delicious recipes, and evidence-based content to their audiences. I authored the Plant-based Nutrition Quick Start Guide, an educational resource used by health systems around the world, and co-authored two textbooks - The Lifestyle Medicine Handbook and Women’s Health Across The Lifespan. I regularly teach plant-based nutrition education courses for healthcare providers and individuals, including serving as Lead Faculty for the American College of Lifestyle Medicine’s Food as Medicine course. I’ve taught in cooking schools and operated my own personal chef service for families dealing with health conditions. I support women in their unique nutrition needs including fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, fueling sport, disordered eating, weight concerns, and body image issues and teach and speak on women’s health topics from a modern, woman-centered lens including plant-based nutrition for women, stress & sleep, mindfulness, exercise, and navigating environmental toxins.

My specialty and heart’s work is women’s health. As a plant-based dietitian and plant-eating woman, I grew increasingly frustrated by the absence of woman-centered resources in the plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine worlds. I wanted myself and my clients to have modern, empowering, and trustworthy women’s health resources at their fingertips. I wanted us to have information that considers our unique needs and experiences as women. I wanted us to have a place to go to get our questions answered, so my women’s health blog Plant-based Mavens was born.

Whether you’re a woman seeking evidence-based information, a healthcare provider looking to better support your patient’s nutrition needs, or a brand or organization wanting to educate and inspire the people you serve, you’re in the right place! 

Food is about so much more than physical health.

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