Work with Me

EDUCATE & INSPIRE the women you work with

Educate and inspire your audience to think differently about health

• Webinars on nutrition & lifestyle topics
• Virtual cooking demonstrations
• Conference presentations
• Continuing education for health professionals 

Speaking & Webinars

Deliver innovative recipes, articles, and evidence-based content

• Plant-based recipe development
• Evidence-based written and video content
• Curriculum development for courses and programs

Content Creation

Attract modern women who deeply resonate with your brand

• Brand ambassadorship and product integration
• Evidence-based take on latest health trends
• Product and brand messaging consulting 

Media & Consulting

- Susan Benigas, Executive Director
American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Kayli is a driving force in the Food As Medicine field! 

-Ashley, registered dietitian

Kayli communicates health info in a way that’s clear, engaging, and positive. I always find many takeaways for myself, as well as those I can easily pass along to clients. Thank you for such wonderful content!

- Jess, brand community manager

Our audience was more engaged than in any other presentation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! AMAZING!

- Giada, webinar attendee 

How lucky are we to learn from a rising star like Kayli Anderson. She covers all aspects of the pillars of good health. She is a dynamo! 


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