Kayli Anderson, MS, RDN

Plant-based nutrition, lifestyle medicine, intuitive eating, & culinary education

I help women, the healthcare providers who care for them, and the brands that serve them access evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle guidance that leads to deeper self-connection, lifelong habit shifts, and better health.

Free from fad diets and misinformation. Free from stressing and obsessing over food and exercise. Free from constantly relying on self-control instead of self-care. 

Through speaking, teaching, and content creation, I help you clear confusion surrounding health and wellness, understand how to meet nutrition needs from a place of balance, and create a healthy mindset with food and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for modern, evidence-based guidance in plant-based nutrition & cooking, women’s health, and using lifestyle practices as medicine, you’re in the right place!

My goal is to help women feel free. 

Evidence-based nutrition for women and those who serve them.

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As a registered dietitian I’ve spent over a decade steeped in the health and wellness world, studying the research, teaching healthcare providers, and working with real people. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. 

With advanced training in plant-based nutrition, lifestyle medicine, natural foods cooking, hormone health, exercise science, and intuitive eating, I help you view health through a unique lens - one that includes your physical, mental, and spiritual relationship with food and lifestyle.

My plant-based nutrition philosophy is not about “eat this, not that”. It’s 100% evidence-based and centered on learning to make choices that make you feel good.

Hi, I'm Kayli

I believe health should be simple, pleasurable, and empowering.